J (ex_tribalesq330) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I've read the memories, but I just wanted to ask as question related to combining dreads. Mine are 1 month old, and admittedly I have a lot of loose hair, especially at the back that will lock in and make my dreads fatter... but they're quite skinny at the moment... pencil thin. I'm a little worried about breakage later on down the track, as well as the fact I'd like em a little more beefy!

Picture of my skinny dreads under the cut for the sake of it:

My question is, is it better to do this while they're still young and soft? (I'd assume so...)

My dreadlings are only a month old, though I don't plan on touching them until they're around the four month mark, but I figured if it best to combine them while they're soft and full of loose-hairs to lock, I might try combining them now, before they start really getting tight. Advice?
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