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my friends!

i've collected some of the more revealing pictures taken recently of my ddrrruds. maybe you liking to be looking at them, yes?

after abusing my poor head with bleach a whole shit load last winter, i've been letting it chill pretty naturally for the last few months. it's easy to see my roots in that first photo. i've always had a lot of trouble achieving a uniform colour (when trying to cover roots) with dark, dark natural hair like mine & subsequent colourless dead cells what are near frying. too often i am left with orangey, yellow roots and near damaged white locks. i've let my roots grow out significantly so that it should be a lot easier to apply bleach strictly close to the scalp so the older hair (currently bright red) should sustain minimal damage as i try to get as close to white as possible.

this picture is awful blurry but a pretty accurate representation of the colour i'll be trying to attain when i next undertake change of status q.

oh also there is this

i am a sucker for the shimmery ultra! violet platinum look. any tips as to its acquisition? my hair is mega resilient so i can usually bleach most of the darkness out of it without too much ill effect, but i'd like to try avoiding the straw feeling that my dreads had taken on at the worst of times. any advice on stripping colour from dreads without bleach? i've never tried using a 'stripper' as opposed to bleach, so i'm not familiar with brands, or use really. obviously i'll be securing some toner, but does anyone have perhaps pictorial evidence of how certain brands of light violet, ethereal purple dyes turn out on bleached hair/dreads?

anyways!!!! thanks!!1
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