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countryside chillin :)

very nice day the other day in the good ol' hampshire countryside :) chilled up Butser Hill listening to Bob Marley, havin a smoke and enjoying the beautiful views and a damn good laugh with my boys ! :)
(duno why the pics are a bit small, my friend uploaded them..).

this is my cousin willow, iv been helping him do his dreads - well, he is doing them naturally, but i've been puttin bands at the roots and sorting them out for him :) they coming along really well!

this is tom, he had really long hair and got dreads when he went travellin but they were shit and he cut em off and i never got to see em! doh!

and me..my dreads jus keep growin!!!!

willow and me :) and danielson in the background..

and a few cows just for fun :)

the other night me and my friend went midnight camping...suddenly turning around in the dark and seeing cow silouhettes on the horizon was so scary hahaha.

one love
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