sioko (sioko) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Ticks; what do they HATE???

Alrighty. I've been camping ALOT. Cause I love it and I'm gonna be camping ALOT more. MO has a MAJOR tick problem, I'm not kidding. Each time I've gone, I've been bit at least once and found 2-3 crawling on me! I just pulled a huge one off my dog... So not only do I desperately HATE ticks, but now I'm paranoid (read: terrified) ((-_-;)) of them getting into my dreads so I don't discover them till they're fat and hideous. *eeeuuugh* Hasn't happened yet, but I want to make sure it stays that way!

So what do they hate??? Any oils ya'll know of? Tips, tricks? The memories said tea tree repels fleas, but will it work on ticks? I'm going camping again next weekend and I don't like coating my dreads in DEET spray! (kinda grungy) Thanx in advance for ya'lls help! (^ . ^)// ~<3

Also unrelated question, I'm just curious:
I saw this guy at the fair and was wondering about his dreads. I didn't get to ask him (I'm not brave enough to approach a strange group of guys) so what do they look like to you? I thought they looked pretty new, backcombed at the roots, then rip&twisted at the ends. What do you think? Also I thought his oversized baseball cap was cool! I didn't know they made those... He's just got an awesome set of dreads going there is all...

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