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So I searched all over the memories and I couldn't find anything about my problem. If there is something I missed, please tell me!!

My babies are a little over a month old and so far, they are doing great. I left the rubbberbands on the ends up until last Sunday and after I took them out, I did a salt spray and palm rolled like mad. But I have this one little guy that is acting up. There is a section at the top that is locked up rather well and the almost very bottom (right above where the rubberband was) is locked up fairly decent as well. Its the inbetween that is giving me grief. He is almost splitting in half, but just in the middle. I have tried backcombing and rolling and I even put just an eency weency bit of wax on it (on all of them actually, it seemed to work wonders... A little really does go a long way!!!). I dunno what to do. Should I just let it be or can one of you lovelies help me out?

Oh! I was going to post some pictures, but my batteries conveniently died right before I tried to upload them... (I am pretty confident on the fact that all technology has a vendetta out for me...)

Anyway... Thank you soo soo much!!
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