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I need hair dyeing advice - I've just dyed my dreads nuclear red and as amazing as it is I need to dye it a "natural colour" for when I'm an au pair in Paris in September. It's not that the family I'm going to au pair for don't want me to have bright red/green/blue hair they would just prefer me to have a more natural colour (they've offered to help my dye it red too once I've fit in). Just until people get used to me over there - apparently, according to the family, people in France are less tolerant to bright hair colours which I find odd but am happy to oblige after all they are letting me live with them.

Anyway, I want to dye it a light browny coppery blondey colour, notice how I used techincal terms there, I'm going to be using box dyes as the last time I went to a hairdressr to get my bangs cut she asked if I wanted her to brush the dreads (shock!) plus I don't really trust anyone with my babies except mum/friends who don't mind me asking every two seconds if everythings ok. When I bleached my hair from a darkish redish sort of brown it went this lovely colour, there's a picture under the cut.

So I was wondering how to go from red to that colour? Can it be done or should I just dye it brown?

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Brown hair.

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A crappy picture of the blondeyness.

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And the fabulous redness. Except it's all fading with brown roots and slighty orange in places.

Also, I had my first "oh noes. Dreads are gone!" dream a few weeks ago, I dreamt that I was brushing my bangs and then started brushing the rest of my hair thinking something like "there are dreads in here somewhere, they've just all fallen out." *Snuggles dreads*
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