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i am burgundy...ish

the highlight of my day (well one good point..not always the most exciting part, but pretty damn close) is usually coming on LJ and checking my friend's pages. i'm always thrilled to see new pics of lovely dreads, and even though i have a set of my own, i do have a serious case of dread envy. everyone's here are gorgeous!

regardless of all that...i thought i'd share some pics of my recent dread-ish changes. i've been having a love/hate relationship with mine lately. there's been a few botched attempts at friends trying to hook me up with someone who does maintenance, and failed attempts at doing it themselves....which has left me with my mess of loose hairs where i cannot reach to crochet myself. also, last year i bleached my dreads, in an attempt to dye them a funky purple (using SFX of course!). i failed miserably at that, (yes i read the memories and Lish's info, and yet still...i suck) and ended up dying my hair back to it's natural shade of brown. with the recent sunny weather, and just general passing of time, my dreads had started to look slightly "bleached" again, i was hating it. (and in a desperate need of change) so, to sum up the random blabbing, i've dyed my hair. this time im happy with the result, but i'm sure it won't last too long before i'll want to change something again.

(i'll apologize in advance for poor pic quality, and only one face photo..i'm having an ugly day. haha)

this is during the bleaching process..

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the shitty results of my purple attempt.

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here's a recent-ish pic...can't see the ugly bleached parts, they're hiding..not that you'd have noticed, you're probably all staring at the giant circular bruise on my forehead.

lesson learned from that: don't stick suction cups on your face. end point.

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this is a whole two days old..which shows the lightened dreads (which looks great on some people..i just wasn't loving it!)

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and now..

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so what do ya'll think? obviously i'm noo good at colouring hair, but forgetting that...how's the new colour? ;)

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