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So, my dreads are two months and a week old. I left hair out in the front for the purpose of covering/hiding them at work and also from my mom. Although, I let my mom know I had dreads eventually, I still pull them back for work. My mom thinks they're disgusting.

basically all of the dreads in the back fell out or grew together in unpleasant ways within the first couple of weeks, so i ended up brushing them out. i had a lot of issues backcombing them myself, and the few my friend did for(before she got distracted by tv and my guitar) were very loose. i didn't put them back in because i'm lazy(and distractible).

Oh, i guess the whole point of this is to say hello, and some one pleaseplease tell me i'm not insane. Everyday that i go to work some one asks me where my dreads went(the hair hiding it works really well, so i take them down to show that i still have them), and then they proceed to ask me why i'm not doing them right, or why they don't look good, or why it's taking so long. It drives me crazy. I know they take time, but these people are making me feel like i'm not doing something right. Which is silly, because I don't think any of them actually know how to make dreads. Also, after a couple of weeks of palm rolling I decided it was boring and to let them do their own thing, for the most part.

i know i didn't backcomb very well to begin with..

i think they're a month here

the one sticking straight up on its own is named conrad, and is a week older than the rest.
i'm not sure if any others stick up when tied in knots like that..

and two months..

At any rate, I'm pretty happy about what my roots are doing right now, and that the tips stopped coming unraveled, and some of them are starting to feel quite solid.

Anyways, I love this community, and the memories.
(sorry if I was rambling)
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