i beleive in majjjjik (teagreenelove) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i beleive in majjjjik

so i feel like making a sort of time line thing. i dont really take many pics that actually show my dreads off, but this is what i found... 

this is the earliest pic i have of my dreads. it was spring of 05, they were made in february of the same year...

homecoming 2005!

spring 2006

may 06 graduation :D

summer 06 with two best friends

later in summer 06 (i dyed some of them)

september 06 trip to the belgian seaside. my host mama and tugçe and me

december 06 sushi party! and christmas of course!

february trip to amsterdam 07 with best friend tugçe

at home, but same time frame as the one below

march 07 at a greek restaurant in brussels. me and my host papa

april 07! this was a skiing trip with my host family (it was my birthday present! just say it - JESUS)

i dont have a camera myself, and i couldnt convince a friend to send me a recent pic, so..there it is
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