Elise (midwintermoons) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

After a lot of deliberation, I started my third set of dreads last night. Well, my tireless and saintly fiance started them for me yet again. They're backcombed like crazy and they're still sticking straight out from my head. I feel happy.

I'm getting married in October, and my plans for my hair did not include dreads. I wanted to be able to put it up somehow, I didn't want messy new dreads for the pictures, etc. But after months of frustration from fighting my hair to keep it detangled, I finally said "screw it" and gave in. My hair was practically begging to be dreaded. I talked to my best friend and she remarked that my mental health was more important than what my hair was doing, and asked me if it was really important to me the way people perceived me. I had to answer yes, and I need to get over that. Although as I'm typing this, I'm coming to realize that I'm fabricating ideas about what I think people will think, and not really considering what my loving friends and family will really think. This is, after all, my wedding, a ceremony of commitment and an expression of love, which is what everyone is coming to see. It's better for me to freely and joyfully express myself than conform to some cookie cutter bridal beauty ideal. I'm excited to have my dreads with me and to see them mature and grow along with our marriage.

A 1 AM snapshot, right after completion:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks, guys. Peace.
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