dj_truesound (dj_truesound) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

charity parchute jump

Time is a ticking, on july 22nd @ old buckinham airfield, im gunna be jumping outta a plan for East Anglian Air Amblunace.
In going to be freefalling for about 1min. jumping from around 14,000feet. Pretty high. I'll have 2instructors nxt to me on the way down but god im a bit scared, never done any think like this before but ive always wanted to do it, experience one of the ultimate adrenaline rush......
i hope my chute opens alrite......
Ive gotta raise over £400 for charity to be able to do this jump, and after only one day ive raised £150, only £250 to go.....
More to follow

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