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Hello Again

Hi all
Sorry I haven't been around much, my PC died and I got rid of it, so im leeching off my flatmates laptop whilst he is away! I shall be back for good in 2 months as I have a PC waiting for collection somewhere when I move into my house in August!

I have a few photos or you. Not all that great, but good enough.

Just hit a year and a half old!

Just had to get an artsy one in my underwear :P

With my best friend, very drunk.

Also drunk.... lol.

And drunk again...

Getting real fatties now!

Pictures are not great but its better than nothing!
I love my natural ends theyre all dreaded now and starting to curl in places hehe.
I cant believe I nearly rounded them! (i dont have anything against rounded tips tho!)

Freshly washed fluffyness, a few months back (theyve grown loads). They shrunk a bit cos I started going swimming, but theyre getting the length back now!

After a mad night out, drinking Vodka Slushies! thats jut slush puppies/ice drinks loaded with alcoholic beverages.They were red. Hence the red tongue.

Proof that dread heads CAN get jobs in retail!

You can see the shortest ones sticking out. I do intend to bleach the blonde gain, and then dye it brown to make i more natural cause I'm bored of the blonde. And they're stripy from beads I've lost!

A bit 28 Days Later but i thought it was snazzy!

Hope you're all well, I'll try and comment as often as possible!

Steff xx
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