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Hi, im cayden and i live in the seattle area,just for a wee bit of background info :).i will admit, i was a lurker for quite sometime. but now i've finally got my own dreads, and im enjoying the expierience more and more. i've had them for two and a half weeks,and i love them already. I started out with a bright green mohawk,and was ready for change beacuse im getting ready to move,and getting ready to start a new life.So i figured this would be a good change for me,and it is. :)

and here is a random picture i took tonight of my rat,shes cute right there,so i thought i'd share it :)))

but,i think my hair is coming along alright,im just letting it do its own thing,and palmrolling once in a while. feel free to tell me what you think :))


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