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Me about 2 months ago. My hair is about an inch longer now.

Before going to a big gala thing. I thought'd i'd share this way of doing dreads.

Down at the Ottawa River the other day

and one of me and my bunny Darcy, just for kicks

Okay so what this post was actually about though is that I am thinking of cutting my dreads. I really wanted to keep them longer but the pro list right now is longer and full of more important things than the con list, unfortunately. I absolutely love my dreads, but they are really heavy, very hot and hard to manage sometimes. You say, yes well that's what comes with having dreads. Correct, but right now i don't want to worry about what day i can wash my hair so that it can have all day to dry and i won't look like a fuzz-ball at my work or how i should put it up so that it is cool but does not hurt my neck by the end of the day. Now you are thinking, well just cut them shorter thus you still have dreads but they are't heavy or as hot. Yes, well that is true...BUT i never wanted short dreads, i always wanted long ones so that i could do stuff with them. All in all i don't want dreads enough to cut them and have short little dreads. I would rather not have dreads or have nice, long ones. I know i will miss them when they are gone but i guess it's always possible to do them again if i really miss them that much. Also, it seems a shame to cut them now when they are just getting good. I mean 2 years in dread-lives are nothing. I would've really liked to have them a lot longer. Unfortunately i have a lot of hair, that is thick and heavy even when it's not dreaded...

I am torn because i love most things about them but a few crucial factors (weight, heat, etc)have overridden all the good factors (loving the way they look, and seeing them mature, etc). If any of you have any insight into this please do tell. I would love to hear what people who have cut their dreads think about this.
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