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Lice and Camping

 Due to my intense fear of head lice, I decided to post this because maybe some have this misconception I did. I recently went camping in the woods this weekend and have been paranoid for the past couple of days about getting lice from brushing my dreads against trees. I tea-tree-oiled my head before I left to deter any bugs from making a home in my hair but I have been paranoid ever since I've returned -- so much to the point that I've been imagining things crawling on not just my scalp, but my entire body.
I decided to do some research, however and found this site detailing where lice come from.

"Long before recorded history, head lice were living on human beings. Except for occasional strays to close pets, head lice are found almost exclusively on humans. Birds and other mammals (both wild and domestic) have their own lice, but those kinds cause only incidental problems for man. Anyone can get head lice, but they are most often found on young school age children."

And thus my conclusion is that it's virtually impossible to get head lice from going camping, unless one of your friends passes it to you.
Just thought I'd post this in case anyone was harboring this irrational fear also.
I "dread" the day I would have to remove lice from my hair.
har har har.
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