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timeline (image HEAVY)

i ransacked my apartment to find all these photos, so 
(image heavy)

a pic from way back in the day,
my bro and i 

some years later, without those grandma glasses almost 10 years old.

probably 12 or so in this pic.... avec shiva

what i looked like before i was into the dread scene

january 2004 avec sam

march 2004, almost 16 in this pic, still had them long locks
ya can't see cause that hat... haha, i can't believe i used to dress like that

probably 15 or so in this pic... rockin' out in the basement. punk

may 2004. my friend rachel came over with her camera
and we took pics of eachother before i started her dreads.
 about a month before i started my dreads here.

time line of dreads now

probably the first picture taken of me with dreads
thanks fred
2-3 months

only 3-4 months or so in this one and the next two

this is a bad photo, but you can see how scragglie and messy the back of my head was.
i just let it dread naturally, it was too hard to dread the back myself.

december 2004- 6months

two other ones from december 2004, this one avec sairuh

7 months

these all from april 2005 10 months

11 months or so

1 year - june 2005

grandpa woodstock- met him while living up in boulder- i love his dreads

dec 25 2005- 18 months.. avec shiva

christmas day too here

avec eric, our first days
jan. 2006

from feb 2006 

feb 20 2006

the days before

may 2006 at my senior art show

senior photo 06

may 24th, 18th birthday 

june 2006 - 2 years- telluride bluegrass festival

july 7 2006- 6month aniversary, dreads 2 years 1 month

october 2006

dec 2006 avec the children

christmas eve 2006- i look like a horse in this one lol

few days after christmas in washington
took a ferry to this island, can't recall the name of it...

these both in downtown seattle. just wandering about ... still dec 2006

spring break 2007 in moab

april 2007 few months shy of 3years

mid-april when i dyed my locks

june 4 2007 at big meadows

we're almost done

and finally today: june 28th, 2007

hope you all enjoyed 

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