Browncomplex (browncomplex) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hi I am not really new here I have kinda been reading for a while and decided I would introduce myself and talk about my gripes with my locs. I havent had them long only about six months. When I first started them a girl i knew told me it would take about six months for my hair to completely lock. I thought that was such a long way away but here I am six months later and most of my heair is locked but not completely locked. But thanks to my hair locking a lot of them contracted and are now too small. So now I have to go back and "marry" every single loc on my head with another one. Its like I have to start all over again cause now the married locs need another six months to loc with its partner.

Also I named some of them. I have one in the back that only took like three months to loc, I call it Genesis as in first. I guess because it was so small it locked quickly too bad it has to get married.
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