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dorkus update

So while I was visiting a friend in Austin, TX (which I'm now totally moving to, I'm in love with the place), I made this decision to comb out my fringe. It was SUCH a bigger deal to me than it should have been, especially since my friend thought I was nuts for pacing around for 2 hours before actually going through with it.
Anyway, my dreadlocks are just under a year and the ends aren't locked up at all, they refuse to- I guess my hair's too soft, even though I wash it with soap, bleach the crap out of it, and do salt-water rinses and never rinse them after the beach. So eventually I'll trim the ends and they'll look more like dreadlocks but for now I'm enjoying the lose ends. Although I am pretty tired of people asking me if they are, in fact, dreadlocks because with a one-tone hair color and lose ends, they just look messy, i guess.

Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is for someone's opinion. I'm not sure whether I look silly with a lose fringe, or if I should comb more out or if it look ok-ish.

This is what it looked like before I combed them out:

And these next few pics are from Austin, and when my sisters came to Miami to celebrate their birthday (they're twins)

I'm not a drunk, I just *happen* to be not sober in most of these pictures...

this is how champs get ready to play put-put:

i failed miserably at this game

We also went tubing. btw, that beer is Shiner Bock (spelling??), the best freakin' american beer I've had (as opposed to the piss-water they try to pass off as beer in the case of Bud and Miller).

This is me talking to a guy I'm kinda seeing (I think... it's weird), but it's one of the only real shots of the back of my head.

And this is me wasted as can be. BUT you can kinda make out these loops that are forming. A few of my locks underneath have such awesome loops, I'm going to try and take pictures of it- one lock's loop pulled so far out, it has split into two dreads. (the loops are circled in pink... duh.)

So yeah, one final self-indulgent picture.

 Now if I haven't bored you enough so you've read this far, please let me know if I should comb out more fringe, dread it back up, give up on life altogether, or anything else?

thanks always!!!
love love love,

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