hotgothicgirl (fo2zero) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

"Uni dread"

Hows it goin everyone?  My name is Curtis!  Stumbled upon this site the other day and i fucking love it!  Im a little past 6 months w my dreads, and over the past 2 months or so have formed somewhat of a uni-dread - which is starting to scare me.  I try to rip it after every wash but it only seems to be getting stronger.  I do NOT want to cut my hair.  Any suggestions?  Its basically like 6 dreads that are just growing together at the roots.  Could i cut the uni-dread......between the dreads??  Shit this is somewhat hard to say in typing.  I'm new to live journal so im gunna try and put together a time line and some pics of my uni-dread and hopefully it'll work.  Thanks for any suggestions!  Peace!
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