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Just a couple questions

I looked in the memories for my specific questions, didn't find quite what I was looking for.

1. What's the very best type of comb to use? I have a flea comb, but it's plastic. When I dreaded my hair before, it worked -okay-, no teeth broke off or anything. But are metal combs better? Are the teeth not as small on metal combs as plastic? Metal is more expensive I gather. Oh, and are lice combs even smaller than flea combs?

2. How many people have dreaded their hair themselves? Whether fully or just partially? Are the results that much better with help that I should just wait till I can find someone to help?

3. Any preferences thru experience on how to section the -top- of the head, in terms of a part.. whether they hang down the side or hang towards the back?

4. Anyone here from the Bay Area want to barter for some help forming my dreads?

5. When viewing the community outside of my "friends" page, the title image doesn't work and hasn't worked in a long time. Is this just me?

Oh and I LOVE this community. I've been watching for a long time, a lot of BEAUTIFUL people and beautiful dreads!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait till I finally dread my hair.
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