--BABY C (darkerdarker_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

7 months old!

After living in Korea for 18 years, I finally had to move to Southern California to start college.
I've been here for about a month and I've been having the biggest/worst culture shock ever!

I've only seen two people with dreads so far; one guy seemed to have fairly young ones, maybe less than 3 months?  The other had solid, thick ones all the way down to his butt.

 5 months, that long string of hair is actually a very tiny braid that my sister convinced me to crochet into a thicker dread.  I think that was probably the best idea, considering it wasn't doing anything except getting in the way.

that is all wire at my ends, i folded them up/into the bottom tips of my hair and kept wire coiled around them and took them off in a few months and they were rounded.

the back of my head was a mess!  the bottom most two layers of dreads were all growing together into one large beavertail.  i was able to pull them apart and they are now separated for good.

crazy loopy!


i'm so excited for their first birthday! 

sorry about the not-so-bright lighting in the 7 month old pictures, my ceiling fan / light unscrewed and FELL.  it made an awful mechanical noise and just unscrewed completely from the ceiling ):

take care, everyone! (:

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