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cut your hair

so my friend just put together my dreads a few days ago, but i already both love them and desperatly want to wash my hair but i know they need more time to lock.
my name is ben, i'm a girl! (even though it's totally hard to tell in that picture). i'm 20, and i'm in south miami. i have a mohawk, and dreadlocks. obviously. most of my friends were SUPER anti-dread but almost all of them lightened up once they saw them becuase they are awesome amazing! and they probably could tolerate the mohawk better with the dreads, even though one is sticking up right now.

any dread hawks out there? i don't know any but i'm sure they exsist.

first day of work with both the mohawk and the dreads though, i used to be this girl:

so it's going to be interesting guys.
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