k. (sin_aesthetic) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dyeing Dreads = Wax Removal?

So just short of the one year anniversary of my dreads I had them dyed by a very good friend of mine who happens to be a hair dresser.
I was having some trouble removing the wax from my dreads.
I hope I don't get the dreaded (pun not intended...) "read the memories" but....
Has anyone else noticed that dyeing your dreads removes all the wax out of them?

No pics for now... I'm gonna save all that for my one year post on August 13th.

Oh and btw, my friend did indeed go by Lish's lovely dyeing manual. I recommended it because she didn't know how to dye dreads. So what I'm trying to say was the dye wasn't mashed into my dreads or anything like that.
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