waineofark (waineofark) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i'm about to start marching band again, and my 3-year-old dreads are longer and fatter than ever. everyone in the band has to look the same, and i have a rough time hiding my dreads. last year, i ended up putting half in my helmet (with all of the padding taken out to make more room) and shoving the rest down my cape. however, i'm half-afraid and half-hoping that won't work this year because it was so uncomfortable last year.

so here's my question: if i cut my dreads shorter, do you think, physically, they'd fit in my helmet easier?

i'd probably cut them in layers, but mostly around chin length. i figure they'd might fit because the length adds a lot of bulk, but they might not because they're still wicked fat. i don't want to cut them for nothing...i love them too much and have waited too long for them to get this length!


here's a picture from march-ish, but my hair looks the same:

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