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hi, my name is susan and this is my first post here!
i like arts, crafts, and baking cookies.
i'm currently on my second set of dreads, and they're three months old. still young, i know.
this community is amazing, i've been lurking here for SO long, admiring everybody's lovely lovely hair. that's a little creepy but whatever. :)

so i live in st. john's, newfoundland. i've never travelled outside canada, and seeing photos of you people in the US and europe makes me want to explore the world. :P
but i do like it here. it's a really really small city and there aren't many dreadheads around, that's for sure.

anyway, about my hair. it's been really short, really long, spiked, mohawked, bleached, dyed pink, blue, orange, green, black, red, brown, and dreaded twice.
i backcombed most of them this time around and let the rest of my hair sort of do it's own thing.

day one

2 weeks

one month (pay no attention to the banana bread...and beer)

two months, making faces

two and a half months and my webcam sucks :(

three months

they look a little funny, i had them tied back for a few days for work.

and making music!

aaand some pictures of the scenery that my friend took...

st john's harbour at five in the morning

the beach by my house

more beach! (see the ducks?)

ps, i love getupdreadup. :)
take care!
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