you think i'm not a goddess? (orneryhipster) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
you think i'm not a goddess?

i fucked up... i cut mine off... i'm having SERIOUS regret. i was having headaches and the temperature here was up over 100. it was almost a spontaneous decision, i did sleep on it but i didn't really think about it very long. i was excited and happy for about 24 hours and now i can't stop crying. oh, what have i done?!? 2.5 years of dreads, 6 years worth of hair, i guess i'm going through an intense energy shift and maybe i should just wait for it to pass but DAMNIT.

um, has anyone tried to put theirs back? like, dread the ends of what you combed out into what you cut off? it sounds kind of desperate but i'm seriously considering trying.

this picture is nine months old, you can see them overall better in this pic...

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and this one is kind of dark, but this was the night before i cut them and you can see the length they had:

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