me_want_dreads (me_want_dreads) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dread-friendly, earth-friendly hair dye?

Meep! I dyed my hair a brightish orange after bleaching it, thinking: "Yay my dreads will dread and I will have BRIGHT orange hair! I will be so pretty!"...I dyed/bleached it, and now, 2 months later, I remembered that *a-duh* chemicals are bad for the ecosystem and decided to let my vanity take one for the team.
Today I ran to the health food store and grabbed some Herbatint brand, chestnut color. Being the scholar I am, I just now noticed that it has "extra conditioning action" thanks to the aloe vera in it. I don't remember/cant find the final concensus on aloe vera pertaining to dreads. I doubt my dreaddies will take too kindly to all those softening things. They are 11 months old, but just recently became noticably locked when I bleached/dyed my hair.
So, should i go for it? Should I even use a henna-based dye (that might turn my hair green or make it soft)? I'm sorry this is a text-only for now, but I'll try to add some photos m'kay? Thank you so much, everyone :)
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