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Confusion with a K


Soooo....after a very very very long time, I got my dreads finally done!! Actually I've had them for about 4 months, but I've been abroad so I wasn't able to post. I've been a member for a while and Ms. soulhaus was nice enough (she was getting paid haha) to come to San Fransisco and do them for me about a year ago, but then something happened and I had to cancel. Anyway, I really wanted to get rastot since I hate the fact that it takes me about 45 minutes to brush my hair, and I buy a HUGE bottle of conditoner every 2 weeks. So I figured, hell I'm in India, it's going to suck taking care of them, and I found a guy that EVERYONE talks about, and well 3 days of pain later, I have 69 rastot and a lulu...the yarn thing that I tie them up with!


I had a blue I have blueish green rastot!

Booo....beautiful hair, all gone. :(

The man with the magic hands.

It begins!

Rasta numero uno...

Day 2.


...and done.

Side view.

Half up, half down.


The back from one of the ONLY times I wore it down...well part of the day at least!

OK, I can let the vanity get a hold of me and post abouot a million more pictures, but this is enough for now!

The thing is, now I hate them. And I miss my hair terribly. And I don't want to shave them off (mostly because I'm scared shitless), so I am growing them out. And when I fix them every once in a while, I don't fix them from the root, I just knit all the hair from around each rasta. That way I can at least cut them when they have somewhat of length on them. But because I'm not fixing them from the root, they look hella I need to suffer with ugly rastot, which is why I ALWAYS keep them it's too hot for them to be down. The suckie thing is, is that I LOVE to wear hats...and now my head is too big for all my hats, so I crotched a few rasta hats...but it's not the same. :(
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