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Well these aren't the best pics but I just got back from Germany/Holland and thought I'd post these few pics that were taken of me. Dreads are now about 1.5 years!
You can compare them with older pics here.

And I actually can't remember if I ever posted these here, but they're recent and sort of include my dreads so I say why not!?

I've actually replaced this with an amber plug now. I'm not hugely into steel jewellery. Prob take pics at some point soon!

Self-done 2nd hole done a few weeks ago.. I think. The hole is actually just up and to the left of the centre of the star (the bar of the stud is off centre)

Self-done nostril piercing, done last night. I'm wearing this nostril screw which is awesome.
I'll take more pictures soon, this was just a thing I was fucking about with.

Oh and if anyone cares to see the rest of the pics from the trip, check oot ma journal!
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