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feliz cumpleaños

Hello all! It's been a while since I posted but I'm back with some good shots :) I love what my hair is looking like these days. It can be a pain at times but it's definitely worth it. Well, here are some pics in a somewhat story format. 

So I went to Dominican Republic a couple weeks ago, this is us at the airport waiting for our friend to meet us, watching the sun rise. 


We spent most of the week at the beach

Which was definitely doing my babies some good :) 

the resort our friend lives on 

this is how we got around, golf carts, trucks


river we hiked down to

getting back up was the fun part, hah.

The last night in DR, out and about 

lol, this picture cracks me up everytime, I put it in because you can see my hair but this kid was really funny, and this place has some good memories, and a funny story... the wall in the picture is of the church and the wall ten feet behind the person taking the picture is a bar. The place is an art school called chavon and papa jacks is the name of the bar. So I got the hair pin thing in this picture at a shop in the marina and I am in love with it. It simply does wonders for my hair!

these are some close ups of my hair after I sewed my tips in

daytime backyard lighting rocks 

and so does my hair clip!

I tried to make this one bigger than the rest so the dreads look clear, hopefully it worked :)

(edit: it uploaded as a large 7mp file but only shows once you click on it twice.. which shows more exture on my guys.)

And one more :)

Peace and Love
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