dam_it_tomi (dam_it_tomi) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I was at Goodwill the other day and this older woman with her grand daughter kept examinig my hair. I walked past her while she was checking out and she asked me how I got my hair to do what it does. I explained to the woman how I started my locks and I loved the fact that she was genuinely interested. She informed me that she would never consider doing it to her hair, but she admired me for doing it to my own. Then she gave me this huge smile and told me to have a nice life.

I have found that a lot of older people are usually curious about my appearance, whether it be my hair color or piercings. My favorite incident besides Goodwill was when I went to bingo with my grandmother. I had just colored my hair pink a few days before and I had a fairly new lip ring. This cute little old woman walked up to me while my grandma and I were waiting in line for our cards and stared at me. I kind of smiled and said 'Hi.' She continued staring at me and finally asked 'Do you care that people stare at you?' And I said no, I was just expressing myself and I understand that people are going to stare, but I am okay with it. She kind of chuckled and told me I had a big set of balls. I about died of laughter.

Anyway, I am glad that there are people out there that are just curious as to how locks work and they aren't assholes about it.

And to the woman at Goodwill, I hope you have a nice life as well.
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