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32 days old and counting

How I normally wear my hair for work. This was this morning, 32 days from beginning to dread....

One of the underneath ones, that was loose ends finally started knotting up all by itslef when I wasn't looking! I wish the others would do that

the others

just after a good wash with Dr. Bronner's Lavender Castille soap: fuzzies

The back and underneath ones are super behind because they are almost two weeks younger than the rest of my head, I could only dread when I wasn't working a lot, so.
But this was right before I croceted at the root to make them all individuals again. Of course I couldn't crochet too much, because most are still really loose. I'm paranoid about them all growing together suddenly and not being able to find where one ends and another begins, which is one reason I ended my first set; in eight days they were a long loose jungle.

So after palm rolling & some crocheting & drying:

July 19th when I started and only the front/sides were backcombed:

The end!
I just wanted to put my month in, and say I love all the posts of everyone's timelines, it's very encouraging and fun to see the changes I'll look forward to ~
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