flipflop831 (flipflop831) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

post brush out gunk removal

hey ya'll
i just finished coming out my 5 month olds. not that i didnt want them, having dreads was a five year dream come true, i am just really into changing things up with my hair. five months was the longest commitment in a while and i def loved them, and will def have more sets in the future. but a question for those of you who have brushed them out, what shampoos/cleaners/etc do you use to remove the excess bits of wax? what do you use for really giving your scalp a good cleansing and getting to its before you dreaded me state?
and fyi: i combed them out using the comb dreadhead.com gave me in my starter set. i used johnson and johnson tearless untangling spray and it took about 5 hours (not all at once!)
lots of love and peace
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