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New to the community


I would like to say hello to everyone here, and say that I am glad that I finally found a dread community that believes in washing and maintaince. I was starting to get really scared of the don't wash your hair folks on some of them.

Anyway, I am in Denver, Colorado and I think I have wanted dreads ever since I can remember, I make my own peyote stitch bead wraps and other dread decorations. I try to stay mostly natural only using a very tiny bit of wax when the boss gives me the hairy eyeball, no pun intended. (she likes them to be as frizz free as possible.) I just started my dreads about a month ago. I was hoping you guys could look at some pics (they aren't very good) and tell me how you think they are coming along. It took me four days to do the backcombing... oh the pain, but they were very tight.

Sorry the pictures aren't better I am hoping a friend of mine can take some with a much better camera soon.
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