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Dreads at 1 month!

Well after my surfing post, with all good intenetions, 3 days off work and a new board I went to the coast. And was there any surf? Was there bollocks. Grrr. I gave my tips a dip in the sea as a personal ceremony to their first month.

Theyre coming along swimmingly, Im gettings some really cool loops forming, which i take as a good sign (i.e they're dreading.) i think ill get rid of my loose fringe/bags soon, its annoying plus I love my dreads so much i want rid of the brushable hair I have left.

I also took out all bar 2 of my beads. they annoyed me. Plus my dreads, like thier owner, look better nude. ;)

Im still mad about them, they're great! So lets have some pics!!

Dreads - 1 Month

I are a lamp.

me prattinga round at 8am.

Loopage forming

First Loops

Kays catalogue - Autumn Edition 2007- The Dreadlock Range

Kays Catalogue 2007

Where I belong - out at sea :))


I likes foolin' around in the grass :D

Dreads 1 Month

*rolls in grass*

The back of my head. Yep thats a banana in my pants
Yep Im cool with that.
Banana strap ons FTW!


Hope you all enjoyed :)

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