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How I created a baby dread and combined it with and older dread.

Ok I have a confession. My first dread-month was a test to see how much i'd like them. I love them, so now I have a dreaded fringe/bangs!

my prblem was this. I had enough for 2 big dreads at the front either side of my part, but there was a big triangular section of fluffy baby hair that was too weedy for its own dread - too big to let loose.

So looking closely at and the memories and then I dived in!

Firstly i sectioned off the bits that would be dreads in a short while, and then made a mini dread out of the fluff:-

Step 1

Thats me making a mini dread.

then when the mini-dread was backcombed adequately, I took a paintbrush (used this as it has a tapered handle) and poked it down the momma dread i wanted the baby to...mate with.

Step 2

piantbrush in...

Step 3

then i threaded the baby dread's end onto a big eye needle, stuck the needle into the end of the brushes sable and pulled it through!



I know my dreads are young to be fucked with, but Im willing to risk it. plus I think I did the combining very well and gave the new dreads a really good palmroll after.

Next up I dreaded my bangs. MAN im better at backcombing now!

New dreads


i like it much more this way, and as my bangs are shorter than the bulk of my hair I should have a nice dreaded rachel cut going on.

Sorry the pics are blurry - but I hope you enjoyed and found it informative!!
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