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i went on a trip

I like roadtrips a lot, and I like the ocean a lot, so I take a lot of roadtrips to the Ocean. My friend and I drove all the way from central landlocked Alberta to Vancouver Island - Victoria to be exact.

A good friend from an altogether different city just happened to be in Vancouver, so of course we had to party together.

Big Bad Johns, or something. That bar had a lot of... uh... character. This picture really shows off where (/when?) I decided to stop bleaching my roots.

Chilling on the beach when her camera broke. I love how my dreads are instantaneously fatter and fluffier in humid climates. Plus all my non-dready hairs are super curly!

Close up.

Check our sweet ninja moves.

filthy tree hugger!

Salt Water! It was freezing, but I swam anyway. I wanted the ocean in my hair! I bought a silver bead the day before and since this dip, I wouldn't be able to pull it out if I wanted to.

I've had them for seven years, but after this trip they have started going all loopy again. I love that I'm still able to see how they change. People say that it must be boring to have the same hair everyday, but I think it is exciting to wait and see and notice how they grow and change from year to year.

warning: picture heavy!

hope you enjoyed!

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