M (sciontific) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dreadie "secret code"?

Okay so I have had dreads for like 5 years I think. (unlike most, I stopped celebrating birthdays at like 3 years...)hahah...

Anyhow - I am not your typical dreadie I guess. Or maybe I should say I am not a steriotypical dreadhead. I dont smoke weed, I don't do any drugs, I wash my dreads twice a week, I am not "rasta" and I am not a hippie.

My dreads must be kept clean and tidy, because I work in the music industry and i refuse to have business meetings and have my dreads NOT tidy. Also because i can't stand an itchy head.

Anyways - I have noticed over the years - that the majority of people (well Rastas and Hippies mostly) have this "Code" of sorts. Its a way of communicating with other dread-heads. Like I will be walking down the street, and a rasta with gorgeous fat dreads, whom I have never met in my life, will be like "Hey whats up, nice locks...nice to see you..." usually followed with a wink, then walks off.

I am usually wracking my brain trying to remember if I know these people, now I have realized its this "code" of sorts. A "secret code" that no one told me about ahahaha so I always look like an idiot.

Anyone else feel like this?
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