johnny bubonic (brent saner) (krazednconfused) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
johnny bubonic (brent saner)

yay electroblood photography!

yesterday, electroblood (she's dreaded too! everyone go and get her to join) and her husband (and her little boy! SO CUTE.) met me at my parents' house (suckers! it was a 15 minute drive for me from my apartment, but they had to cross state lines! heh) and she took some photos of me in the back woods where i grew up!

first, some whoring:,

on to the photos! (only 4, sowwy)

i love my dreadies in this one.

before you say anything, YES i know how awkward this looks. it didn't turn out so well; it was HEAVY.

i think this one was my favourite; i just love the angle and everything.

p.s. emileeeeeeeeee we were talking about you and christian! mostly about your log cabin though, and how it has holes and shingles. it was all good things.
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