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Everyone Deserves Music, Sweet Music

I've been following this community and posting here and there for about a year now and I've tried to keep up as much as possible, at least viewing all the posts. I'm pretty sure most people here can agree that musicians with dreads are worth posting about, which brings me to point out something I hope everyone on here can appreciate! (forgive me if I just missed this in the posts!)
This man makes the such positive, enjoyable and captivating music. It's fun, it's different and has such a great message. He has started a huge peace movement and I hope that some of you are intrigued enough to check him out and share him with people you know. Without further ado, I encourage you all to check out Michael Franti and his band Spearhead.

and here is the man himself, beautifully dreaded :)

and his band

he also has a myspace and is on wiki for those that want more info. AND he's playing at the Monterey Music Summit and Vegas for Vegoose

Well I just wanted to share that, hope nobody minds me making a plug for him, just hoping someone else can enjoy his music =D

Peace and much Love!
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