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Long Time No Post

It's been quite a while since I made a post here, or on LJ at all really, but I do like to lurk. :) I don't know if you guys remember me, but I thought I'd make an update just in case.

My dreadies are now 7 months old and I love them. Sure, they drive me a little crazy somedays, but for the most part they are awesome. I still stand by the fact that I've never felt more me than I have with dreadlocks. My family always asks me when I'm going to "cut those nappy things off" and I respond that I'll be an old grannie with dreads. The coolest kind of grannie of all. :)

I have lost sooooo much length since March when I started them. Nearly half of my original length, but it's okay. I just wish the lumps would hurry up and smooth out. XD

Anyway, on to what you really care about - the pictures.

Yes, Hanson. I've had that shirt for over a decade.

Apparently aliens have dreadlocks too!

And this is to illustrate how much length I've lost. The following picture is from the day my dreads were born.

Everyone keeps asking me if I chopped off my hair. Apparently the idea of dreads shrinking blows people's minds.


They're all so many different lengths! I love it!

In short, I love my hair so friggin' much. ^_^
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