gossip is as good as gospel in this town (taddypole) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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i used to have mad long very staight hair, and then i decided i really want dreads, for way to many reasons to list here.so i went about doing basicly nothing to my hair, a little breaking and shit but not much, and now i've had my dreads for like 7 maeby 8 months now. and i could use some advice on general makeing them tighter shit.
first, my roots. now the fact that they're not as tight as they could be is probrably my own fault, i am REALLY fuckin lazy and don't play with them as much as i should. But is there anything else i should be doing.
and then the tips. I have no idea what i'm doing here with the ends of my dreads. they just kinda sit their still being hair. what should i do to them. ah your comments will be much appreciated, peace.
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