=Colette= (smarmyeels) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

beginner's help

Hello everyone. I have been wanting to dread my hair for quite a while now, but I am finally getting serious about it. I think the main reason I have not tried sooner was because I just cannot find a good, informative place to show how they are done - I need things in layman's terms so I can fully understand and feel comfortable/confident with it. I have checked the memories here and I think I have gotten a better understanding, but I still have some questions. Please forgive me if there's a memory of all this already, I have tried my best to look throughout them, but I don't seem to be finding the answers I am looking for. Please direct me to them if this is the case.

Okay, so I have pretty long hair - about waste length. I know there will be some length loss due to them forming, but I have seen pictures of people here who seem to have started their dreads while their hair was long and it doesn't look like there was an extreme amount of length loss - something which I have read can happen. Any tips on how to prevent this or should I just cross my fingers? Also, any tips for dreading long hair?

Also concerning pictures I have seen lately on here, the ends of said dreads do not look clumpy/stumpy...if that makes sense. The hair looks sort of wavy almost like they aren't dreads at the ends. How would you make your dreads so they turn out like this?

Is there a difference to how dreads look if you use the rip & twist method or backcombing? I plan not to use any wax in my hair - is there anything you need to put while making/palm rolling your dreads? I have read about aloe, is that something you do after your dreads have formed? I have seen that knotty boy video on how to make dreadlocks - is that the proper way to backcomb? I have noticed that I have gotten quite a few split ends recently, should I trim them off before dreading my hair?

Okay, sorry for the long post. A big thanks right ahead to anybody trying to help me. Lastly, please help a beginner out with any tips at all and anything in the do or do not do advice variety. Thanks again!
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