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I found one relatively recent pic. I swear I'll have the rest some day.
triple dread!

Several topics I feel it's important to address:

Dread Mullets ((drullets?))
I've heard that term here and there and I've always meant to ask for a specific explanation as to what it is. I mean, I understand the concept of a mullet, but I have a real hard time applying it to dreads. I associate mullets with that short, poofy "business in the front" top; and being that dreads hang down by nature I fail to see how you could achieve that...unless you have some amazingly gravity-defying locks ((in which case, bravo!)) Pictures?

Bby dread :)
The loose hair by the nape of my neck that was too short to initially dread has finally gotten long enough to do something with! I just backcombed it into its own little nubby, fluffy baby dread. It's so much easier to appreciate how fluffy and cute they are when they're not ALL OVER your whole head. But I digress. It made me realize how long they've gotten over the last six months! My hair grows relatively slowly, and the dreading obviously slows it down, but they've definitely grown 2+ inches :D....after losing about a foot to shrinkage *grumble*.
I'm glad I started short though, less wild hair going through maturing phases to rip apart and palmroll. I just can't wait to have looooooooong dreadies. The short look is cute, but I think the long look is absolutely gorgeous.

My hair was layered when I dreaded it, so my dreads are a variety of different lengths. They're all different thicknesses too ((within the "thin" range, though)) I'm not striving for uniform, perfect dreads, so that's okay. Plus the hair in front is a little bit shorter, so it sort of frames my face. It's a personal choice, but I think I look funky with the boxy-face or straight-across look, so I'm happy.

My question is to those of you who did their dreads at a lot of slightly different lengths: How does it look once it's longer? I imagine it's fine, but there's still a part of me that wonders if it looks too disorganized for my taste.  I know I could always trim them evenly when they grow out if I don't like it, but my tips hate locking and it'd be a shame to cut off what's finally started down there.

I love getting comments on my dreads, but I find they make it really hard to read strangers. I don't know about you all, but I have a habit of staring at people with interesting hair. I mean...I hope that's not just me. Ick, I might have a problem. Hair-obsession intervention?
Anyway, now when I'm in public and I see someone watching me I can't tell if they're interested in my hair, or if they're just being creepy. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, but it still makes me wonder.

I promise I'll have pics soon! I haven't posted any in months. I have new ones, I just can't find the USB cord to my camera ><
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