"better keep an eye on your boys- (gaggedandbound) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
"better keep an eye on your boys-

halloween techincal difficulty.

i've perused the memories under all logical sections, but haven't found an answer, so i'll take the plunge and ask:

do any of you folk have experience with dreads and wigs?

i'm planning to be cruella de vil for halloween, and i've managed to secure both a fun costume and a suitable (though definitely cheap) wig-- only i can't seem to get all of my dreads underneath the wig. i've tried pantyhose to no avail thusfar, and am in the process of finding a wig cap that can contain my hair. i'm also playing around with a complicated-to-explain idea involving lots of bobby pins, but i haven't worked out the details just yet. i was wondering if there might be some previous experience or recommendations out there from those who've achieved this seemingly difficult feat.

my dreads reach about six inches past my shoulder at this point, if that's any help. i'd greatly appreciate any helpful hints that might just not be occuring to me! :D
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