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combed out & missing them!

Just after two months I combed them out. It was a surprise to find myself combing them out, but after a shower one day, I was so frustrated with the amount of hair that was combing itself out even after all the hours I would spend palm rolling and stuff. When I put it in a ponytail, the whole bunch of hair looked combed out....powerful showerhead maybe?? I was so tired of palm rolling and tending to all 70 of those (which took eight hours. more knotted than I gave them credit for.) I was way too impatient and should have just crocheted a bunch of them together to cut the number in half

Anyway I miss them so bad and need them and am mentally planning for the next bunch.
Fewer larger ones, my natural hair color, and band up the ends.

Watching this community is so inspiring, thanks for all the amazing photos and stories :)

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