gillthepunk (gillthepunk) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hi everyone!

I posted with pictures of my friend Alex's dreads a few days ago, he's still really pleased with them, and they're coming on nicely.

One of my other friends is a really brilliant artist ( ), and he recently bought a lovely new SLR camera and wanted to take some pictures of myself, my partner Chris and Alex. I thought I'd post the ones of me.

I'm really happy with my dreads at the moment, they're almost 3 years old and they really feel like ropes of hair now. I like my bleached ends and I rather like how long they're getting.

Also, do you think it's a good endorsement of your hair when other people you know with dreads start asking you to work on theirs? I've had a few people asking me to tidy theirs up for them, which I suppose means they like mine.


The picture's not great, I don't like my expression but I reckon my hair looks pretty good.

I quite like this picture, which is unusual. I am not photogenic.

Dan did something terribly artistic with this one.

I think I'll do a timeline for their third birthday, what do you think?

Thanks for looking!

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