No Excuses, No Regrets. (gypsy88) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
No Excuses, No Regrets.

bead attack!

They're 3 months and a week old.

I have this little mini-fuzzy 'fro thing going on at the top of my head. It's really quite bothersome; I know, I know, with patience/time they loose hairs will disappear, but it's VERY hard to look professional and make your boss think you qualify for that promotion when you're walking around looking like you have a serious case of bedhead.

I love my beads; I have so many of them! I almost think I may have too many...

One of them is handblown glass, one of them is some cool kind of stone, and the others are just pretty.

There's 3 beads there; the one in the middle clicks all the time against the other 2 everytime I shake my head. It's musical.

One of them is a black bead with these cool white specks, but the camera didn't pick it up very well. The other is a flower type pearl thingy, and it's actually one of those hair things that you twist into your hair, and can use like a bobby pin. I twisted it INTO the dread, and it ain't comin out. I think it's actually my fattest dread, the one it's in.

And that's my back view. The two beads you see side by side are lava rock beads. They're pretty cool; they're naturally formed and then a hole's bored into it. they have all sortsa neat impurities and stuff in them. And I have a metal ear cuff that I squeezed around a dread, too.

Damnit, I know the frizzies will go away. I do. I'm being as patient as I can. It's just that I'm trying VERY hard to get a promotion and showing up at work with a halo of frizz really isn't helping anything. I bought a crotchet hook and I'm going to try and crotchet just the top layer. I'm going to leave the bottoms alone, it's just the top's I'm worried about.

Can you believe that I've ignored these things entirely? I wash them. And I rip them apart when they get tangled. THAT'S IT. I don't palmroll. I maybe roll the ends for an hour a week, if i'm really effin bored. I think I'm washing them too much, actually, because I'm getting dandruff and I've never in my life had dandruff. And the ends of my dreads are brittle, and when I twist them they break a bit. I have split ends up the ying yang. Yikes. I have to stop washing them everytime I have a shower. Habit, I guess.
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