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Don't let me near chemical dyes ever again!!!

I kept reading posts here and in the memories saying that after folks bleached/dyed their dreads they tightened up real fast, solved un-raveling problems, etc. So I bought some bleach, some dye, and went at it.
I put the bleach on my dreads, being careful not to rub it in, then left it for 30 min. Then put the bleach on my natural roots and left it for 10 min. I used a hairdryer to keep it all warm since it was rather cold in my house. Then rinsed rinsed rinsed. Then immediately put on the hair color, a bit of hair dryer, and rinsed it out at 30min. rinse rinse rinse rinse. Then it was all straw like and crispy and I was all "Oh crap, that was an hour of peroxide dye/bleach!" duh!!! So I freaked and since I didn't have any protein conditioner, I put globs and globs of cholesterol hair treatment (I use on my naturally dreading 3 yr old to un-nap her hair) all over my dreads and especially on my roots. I figured I could at least save my hair, and re-dread it later if something happens. Left that on for almost 20min. then rinsed. My hair was so soft, I was positive I had un-dreaded all my dreads (except the ones that are 9mo old now. They ain't going no where!). So I left the stupid hair dryer alone, for some reason I channeled my blame to it, then waited for my hair to dry to see the real damage.

Before and after

This is from last night. Ignore that stupid clock. It was supposed to be red... grrr... I don't know what color that is!

Not so bad, except the color difference isn't anywhere near dramatic enough to warrant all the crap I went through. It's like I nearly killed my dreads for nothing. But now I've been noticing the subtle color change is rather nice, and the left side of my head that was so straight compared to my right has looped up to match. I'm loopy all over now! Look at those loops!!! My hair is slightly coarser than it was before the experiment, but not scary like it was pre-cholesterol. So it's all good.... for now..... So that's my stupid story about hair dye and bleach. 
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