liset(te.) (stereocrime) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hi there.
i'm new here. i've had dreads for about 5 months now and they're doing just fine, although they've shrunk a lot in the past few weeks. but hey, what can you do.
so anyway, moving on to the point of this post. i've dyed my hair so many times now that i can't remember what my natural hair color is, but the last time i tried to dye my hair i noticed that the color didn't stick at all. so i guess i should bleach my hair before i dye it again.
but, i've never bleached my hair before, dreaded or undreaded. do any of you have experience with this? what's the best way to do it? which product should i use and how long should i leave it in? i don't want to go bald, heh.
i'll post some pictures after the dye job, i guess.
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